A cord is a line or ties worn around the neck, shoulder, or wrist to convey such things as keys or recognizable proof cards. In the military, custom lanyards were utilized to fire a big gun piece or arm the fuze instrument on an air-dumped bomb by pulling out a cotter pin (along these lines beginning the equipping delay) when it leaves the airplane. They are likewise used to join a gun custom cord to a body so it tends to be dropped without being lost. Onboard a boat, it might allude to a piece of gear used to get or bring down articles.

Lanyards were utilized by mounted cavalry ashore and maritime officials adrift. Gun custom lanyards can be handily eliminated and reattached by the client however will remain associated with the gun whether it is drawn or in a holster. In the 1966 Spaghetti Western The Great, The Terrible, and The Revolting, one of the principal characters, Tuco Ramirez, conveys his gun on a rope line cord. Eli Wallach, the entertainer who filled the role of Tuco, supposedly told chief Sergio Leone that it was too hard to even consider placing a gun into a holster without looking, so Leone put Wallach's gun on a cord.

Lanyards are generally utilized with little electronic gadgets like cameras, MP3 players, and USB streak drives to forestall misfortune or dropping and some other benefits of lanyard. Hardware intended to take a cord, for the most part, have a little through-opening incorporated into a corner or edge of the case or moored to the casing of the gadget; the comparing cord, by and large, has a circle of string on the end that is connected to that opening with a basic bunch, normally a cow hitch. A few headphones join the sound sign into the custom lanyards, which means it bends over as earphone lines too. The Wii Distant wrist tie is a type of cord, keeping the gadget joined to a player's arm during the regularly incredible developments engaged with its utilization.